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Creative Curb Appeal

Posted on February 15, 2012 by My Rental Property Coach

Ashley Halligan, a rental property analyst, recently wrote an article outlining unique curb appeal strategies for rental property owners. She interviewed Jared Meadors, who owns Medusa Properties, a niche-rental company based in Houston, who provided his secrets to attracting quality renters and retaining them–even with slightly higher rents.

His strategies include adding era-specific architectural touches that are eye-catching and offer a sense of authentic age to a property. He also emphasizes fencing from a creative perspective–using reclaimed materials, incorporating private nooks and buffers between the tenant’s front door and the street. Lastly, Meadors chooses low-maintenance, unique foliage that’s often built from his unique fencing measures, offering extra color, little necessary oversight and a way to stand out amongst neighbors.

Though there is a slightly higher up front investment, Meadors (who’s strategies have proven successful), demonstrates that the return compensates for the investment in short time. His tenants are happier, remain longer and have a slightly higher than average rent.

Read the entire interview & story here.

Here is a before and after picture to see how small changes can make a big difference:


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