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Smaller_2Hello there and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Shannon Pineau, I’m 42 years old and I’m blessed with two great kids and a wonderful husband.

My interest in owning rental properties started back in the early 2000′s.  At that time I was an aspiring new landlord and completely filled with fear and apprehension about taking the big step to buy a rental property.  I decided the best thing to do was to prepare myself as much as possible so I began my education with books, articles, classes and real estate investing clubs.

Fast forward many years and now I am a veteran landlord.  I own and manage both residential and commercial properties and I’ve had all kinds of experiences along the way. Most positive, some negative but they have all contributed to my evolution from a frightened newbie to a successful landlord.

Through it all, I’ve often thought of starting out and how I wished I had someone to show me the way and guide me through the rental property process.  So now that’s what I do – teach beginners to rise above their fears and build more wealth for themselves.  I write eBooks, articles, blog posts and created this website to help out new, aspiring landlords.  Because let’s face it, you can do it alone but it’s much easier with a coach to guide you through the journey.

To your success!






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