Buy and Manage Your First Rental Property



How To Buy and Manage Your First Rental Property brings all of the information you will need to one place, including:

• The easiest way to acquire your first property (especially if house prices are very high where you live).
• Everything you need to know to deal with the bank and arrange your financing.
• How to get started renting out your property including setting the rent and marketing.
• How to find – and KEEP – great tenants.
• How to manage your property from MOVE IN to MOVE OUT and everything in between.
• How to understand and organize your bookkeeping, filing and taxes related to rental properties.
• How to deal with problems as they arise and keep everything on track.
• Includes numerous tips and ideas to keep your tenants happy and your business running smoothly.
I’ll show you how to set up a great system and once you have that, you can apply it to your next rental property (and the next and the next).

The ebook also includes 3 bonuses:
• The 5 Essential Rental Property Forms.
• How to Write a Great Advertisement.
• The Top 25 Landlord Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.