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How To Buy and Manage Your First Rental Property brings all of the information you will need to one place, including:

• The easiest way to acquire your first property (especially if house prices are very high where you live).
• Everything you need to know to deal with the bank and arrange your financing.
• How to get started renting out your property including setting the rent and marketing.
• How to find – and KEEP – great tenants.
• How to manage your property from MOVE IN to MOVE OUT and everything in between.
• How to understand and organize your bookkeeping, filing and taxes related to rental properties.
• How to deal with problems as they arise and keep everything on track.
• Includes numerous tips and ideas to keep your tenants happy and your business running smoothly.
I’ll show you how to set up a great system and once you have that, you can apply it to your next rental property (and the next and the next).

The ebook also includes 3 bonuses:
• The 5 Essential Rental Property Forms.
• How to Write a Great Advertisement.
• The Top 25 Landlord Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.


Who Should Buy This eBook?

I definitely put all of this information together with the novice, or beginner, real estate investor in mind. I wanted something that would be easy to read and follow for someone who is still just thinking about getting started or already at the beginning of their real estate journey. While I feel that more experienced real estate investors would also find useful tools here for their own businesses, I want to emphasize that my target audience is the new real estate investor and new landlord.


What If I Don’t Live Where You Live?

I live in Alberta, Canada so while my eBook would be ideal for Canadian real estate investors, I firmly believe it will be enormously helpful for people in other countries as well. Some of the lingo might be a little different and you will definitely have to look into your own local rules and regulations around buying investment properties and renting them out. Particularly when it comes to things like evictions and frequency of rent increases etc. For the most part though, I would venture to say that the principals would be the same no matter where you are.

You want to find a great investment property at a great value and then find great tenants to live in it to pay off your investment. I will help you do that no matter where you are.

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